About Millian–Aire
Air Conditioning, Heating, Commercial HVAC Professionals in Tampa Bay & New Port Richey

Millian–Aire is a family–owned and operated air conditioning and heating company.  From owners, to office staff to technicians, the Millian family and their values permeate through our company.  Our family has over 75 years of combined experience.

Our company started in 1986 when Mike and Faye Millian moved from New York to Florida.  They decided to sell the air conditioning business they owned and operated in New York and retire in Florida.  However, their retirement was short lived as Mike was used to constantly working and became restless.  He became a teacher and eventually a department head at Concho Career Institute (an air conditioning tech school) in Oldsmar, Florida.  Mike’s son, Howard, was a student at CCI.

After Howard completed his education, Howard and Mike opened up Millian-Aire with a partner.  They eventually bought out the partner and have worked ever since to grow it into the company it is today.  From our small beginnings in 1989, with only one service truck and one employee, we have seen tremendous growth and are now proud to have 25 service trucks and over 30 employees available to assist our valued clientele with every air conditioning and heating need.  Despite our growth we have continued to maintain the Millian name and work ethic throughout our work force.  From our office workers to service technicians you will find a member of the Millian family.

As a family and business that has been in the Tampa Bay area for over 25 years, we feel a sense of pride and commitment to the local community.  We are members of the Better Business Bureau and Pasco County Chamber of Commerce.  We also support the Pasco County Public Information Department and the Pasco Builders Association.

In addition, we actively participate in numerous charitable opportunities in the Tampa Bay area.  We are a lead sponsor for the annual golf tournament hosted by the JK Cancer Fund, Inc. (which benefits the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program), we take part in the Regal Cinema Summer Movie Express (which provides $1 admission to children for all G and PG movies and benefits the Will Rogers Institute) and we are a lead sponsor in the annual golf tournament hosted by Jesse Litsch (which benefits the Boys and Girls Clubs of Pinellas County). We also sponsor many of the local high school athletic programs and little leagues throughout the Tampa Bay area.


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