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If you have questions, we at Millian-Aire Enterprise Corp have the solutions! We are a family-owned and operated HVAC company in New Port Richey. We’ve been providing quality air conditioning and heating services to our neighbors in Land O’ Lakes, Florida and the surrounding area since 1989, and we have over 75 years of combined experience providing cost-effective, reliable HVAC services.

Land O’ Lakes residents have relied on Millian-Aire for air conditioning installation, air conditioning repair, heating repair, and other air conditioning services for nearly three decades. Ranging from air conditioning installations to air conditioning service and repair, to heating installations and repair, we maintenance all types of units and systems. Our Millian-Aire technicians are highly trained, and are tested frequently on their evolving industry knowledge. It’s our people who make the difference!

Land O’ Lakes residents appreciate and value their outdoor life. The nearby towns of Denham, Ehren, and Gowers Corner have been absorbed into the town over the years, adding not only real estate but new neighborhoods, parks, and other outdoor recreational meccas, like Dupree Gardens.

Dupree Gardens is one of the original roadside attractions in Florida, once drawing thousands of motorists from all over the country. Located 17 miles outside of Tampa, the 25-acre botanical garden, once private, was opened up to the public in 1940, and was become world renowned as the “Blossom Center of Florida.” Current owners of a section of the garden’s original 25 acres began restoration in 2003 of the original ponds, streams, and waterfalls that dot the landscape.

The Land O’ Lakes Recreation Complex offers residents a meaningful chance to experience the great outdoors in the area with its nearly 80 acres of athletic diamonds, courts, courses, and fields, several party and picnic shelters, and a large pavilion that can be reserved first-come, first-served for events. In addition to a skate park, a pet park, and a community pet cemetery, there is a huge gymnasium on the grounds, with activity rooms for meetings, classes, and parties, and a pool and diving area open during the hot summer months.

It’s then when our neighbors appreciate us the most! After a joyous day in the great outdoors, Land O’ Lakes residents like to come indoors to the cool air conditioning installed, serviced, and repaired by Millian-Aire. Contact us today and discover all the air conditioning solutions we have for you!


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