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Millian-Aire Enterprise Corp is a family-owned and operated heating and air conditioning services company, and we have been providing quality air conditioning and heating services to Oldsmar residents and surrounding areas since 1989. Nearly three decades ago, we started with one truck, one employee, and one goal – to provide you with the best heating repair, air conditioning installation, air conditioning repair, and air conditioning services in Oldsmar, Florida.

Whether you need air conditioning installation, air conditioning repair, air conditioning service, or heating repair, call Millian-Aire at (888)–628–0691 to schedule your free estimate. Our highly trained professionals can service all types of systems and units in Oldsmar, so you can be sure your HVAC investment is in good hands.

Oldsmar is located close to most Tampa Bay area destinations, and offers the best of city life coupled with the famous white sands of the Gulf Coast. The small town has an independent reverse osmosis water treatment plant that provides its water to residents, developed out of concern for the environmental health of the community. That attitude is evident in the city’s active role in managing the Tampa Bay’s estuaries. Oldsmar is home to Harbor Palms Nature Park, a 34-acre wetlands preserve.

Oldsmar set up a reclamation water storage facility and a drainage improvement project executed by the City Public Works Department so it now reuses rainwater as a civic resource. Shops, restaurants, art galleries, and historic homes line quaint, strollable streets designed to convey a sense of community. Oldsmar has avoided the bust-boom economies of some other Florida communities by growing at its own pace and maintaining its distinct image as a sleepy Florida town.

Millian-Aire has a deep and abiding love for community, just like residents in Oldsmar. Providing quality work and giving back to our community is the motivation behind our work. We are members of the Better Business Bureau, and sponsors of the Regal Summer Movie Express, which benefits the Will Rogers Institute. Additionally, Millian Aire sponsors the JK Cancer Fund, Inc. annual golf tournament benefitting LIVESTRONG and YMCA.


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