The city of Tarpon Springs experiences tropical climatic conditions, with the average temperature ranging between 63.5 and 80.5 degrees Fahrenheit.  To make matters worse, the humidity level is quite high as well. In this sort of weather, people get very uncomfortable, especially during the hot summer months. During winter, while the mornings are cooler, the residents of Tarpon Springs strive for something more comfortable as the day goes on and the temperatures start rising. But does the heat warrant installing an air conditioning system? Take a look below:

Life Without Air Conditioning

Perspiration: Due to the high humidity and heat, residents of Tarpon Springs tend to break out in sweat often. Clothes get stuck to the body, and most physical activities seem unbearable.

Mold Growth: The humid temperature also causes the growth of mold. Besides the obvious cosmetic problems, mold can have long-lasting effects on health and weaken the structural integrity of a house. These points make it clear that air conditioning has other advantages besides keeping the homes of Tarpon Spring residents cool. It makes them feel more comfortable and ensures the safety and  wellbeing of their house.If you wish to install an AC unit in your Tarpon Spring home, give us a call now.

Why Choose Millian-Aire?

A good reason to choose Millian-Aire is because we have 75 years of combined experience to fall back on.This is our family business, and we take great pride in what we do. The Millian-Aire family is more than 30 employees strong, and all of us – from office workers to technicians – believe in putting the needs of customers first.

When you opt for our services, you will enjoy a hassle-free AC installation experience. Our service portfolio extends beyond air conditioning installation – we also conduct repairs and provide heating services, check the indoor air quality in your home, air purification, commercial HVAC systems, and routine maintenance.

We are a one-stop shop for the cooling and heating needs of all Tarpon Spring residents, and if you have a job for us, do not hesitate to get in touch today!


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