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Air Conditioning Services in and around Palm Harbor, FL

The worst possible time to need air conditioning services in your Palm Harbor home is during one of our hot Florida summers. Unfortunately when the weather is at its warmest is when it’s most likely your AC will stop working. But it’s important to know that the central unit doesn’t always show signs of a malfunction by simply turning off. Often the symptoms are much more subtle than that.

Does your unit:

  • Run constantly?
  • Distribute air unevenly in your home?
  • Kick off before the target temperature is reached?
  • Turn on and off frequently?
  • Blow air that doesn’t feel very cold?

Does the price of your electric bill keep rising each month and you don’t know why? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then you need air conditioning services from Millian-Aire in Palm Harbor. We will not only make sure that your system is working at maximum capacity again, but check over your entire assembly to prevent future problems as well. Some of the central heat and AC services that we provide are:

Why Millian-Aire is the Best Choice for Palm Harbor Air Conditioning Services

For over 27 years, Millian-Aire has been helping customers in the Tampa Bay area repair and replace their central heat and AC systems. With all of our licensed and insured technicians undergoing an extensive training and certification process before they ever see the field, we can promise exceptional quality and customer service for all of our clients. Every job is done right – the first time.

We understand that emergency air conditioning service is not always in the budget, that’s why we bill by the job, not by the hour. This way you’ll know up front what the cost will be, and we can guarantee that you get the best results as quickly as possible, so you can get on with your life.

Reduce Indoor Pollution Circulated by Your AC

Built up dust and mold can pollute the air you breathe and is potentially harmful to your health. The reduced flow through the ventilation ducts also forces your system to work harder in order to deliver the same amount of air, which in turn raises your monthly power costs.

Luckily this is all an easy fix. There are three distinct phases to minimizing the pollution in your home: Controlling the source, properly ventilating your home, and cleaning the air. We can help you step by step through the process and to ensure your family is living a healthier and happier life.

For information on our indoor air quality products, visit us here: https://www.millian-aire.com/services/indoor-air-quality/


What You Can Do Before Calling for Professional Air Conditioning Service:

Before you call us, it’s best to know the proper ways to verify that your AC unit is actually malfunctioning or damaged. Systematically checking all accessible points only takes a few minutes, and can save you both time and money. Here’s what you do:

  • Verify that your thermostat settings are correct. As odd as it sounds, quite often we receive calls to come out when the system is simply turned off or on the wrong setting.
  • Is the temperate accurate? If the reading on your thermostat seems substantially inaccurate, the problem could lie there instead of with your main unit.
  • Does warm air still blow from the vents? Your compressor might have frozen up; in this case it’s best to find out…
  • Is there ice? If thick ice has built up on the copper pipe at the back of the unit, this can be a sign that the fan has stopped working.

Hopefully you don’t need Millian-Aire’s air conditioning services in Palm Harbor this time. But if you do, call us today for 24/7 help at 888-628-0691.