Has Lightning Hit Your Ac System? Here Is How You Can Get It Back To Work

What are the three most important aspects of a Florida summer? Sweltering heat, thunderstorm, and incidences of AC breakdown. During this 12 to 16 weeks stretch of summer, South Florida experiences one of the nation’s highest number of lightning strikes. After a hurricane passes over a place, […]

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Health Benefits of Using an AC in your House

Air conditioners keep your house cool; a high-end HVAC system will improve your health, too, by solving many health issues.

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If you find that the airflow of your system is less than what it used to be, it could be due to some factors. The most common reason is, of course, the clogging of air cleaners. All modern HVAC air cleaners are all high-performance components, and even […]

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How To Cherry Pick The Best Ac Repair Contractor

The love, comfort, and warmth that you experience at home are more than just having a chaise longue, beautiful wall hangings, matching curtains, and a few soft throw pillows placed here and there. In Florida, where the average summer-day temperature can touch the 92 degrees mark, a […]

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How Your Home AC Can Help With Allergy Problems

Most Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors with an air conditioning (AC) system switched on, whether they are at their home or office. And with more than 21 hours spent inside, the quality of indoor air does have a direct impact on their health. In […]

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Common AC Repair Problems You Must Know About

ACs are a mainstay in most US households, and like any other electronic appliances, they tend to experience occasional operational problems. However, the majority of these problems are connected to either a faulty installation or the absence of regular maintenance. While some of these issues cause minor […]

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Is The Air Quality In Your House Killing You?

The quality of your indoor air may not be actually killing you, but it may give you serious health problems. According to a study sponsored by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), most Americans spend almost 87 percent of their time indoors. What is surprising, however, is […]

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How Important Is Heating For Your Home?

Looking for an efficient way heat your Florida? Installing a heat pump could be your answer. A heat pump heats your home by using the heat-exchange properties of refrigerant to extract heat from outside your home and bring it inside. Of more interest to Floridians, it cools […]

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Go Ductless This Summer With The Right Air Conditioner Maintenance

None of us here needs an introduction to Florida’s heat, and we all know how difficult it is to survive the summers without an AC. However, your ductless AC will need periodic maintenance to function at its best. We can take care of both installation and maintenance […]

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Don’t Sweat It: 4 Tips To Proper AC Maintenance

In most households, people forget about their air conditioning units as soon as the installation is over. But in a place like Florida, where summers are merciless, you cannot afford to treat your AC unit as if it is just another piece of furniture. If you take […]

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