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Are you looking to keep your home comfortable and reduce your energy costs? Make the smart choice with thermostat home automation from Millian-Aire! There are many advantages to thermostat home automation. Here are just a few:

Save Money

It’s no secret that Florida summers are hot! If you’re like most Floridians you probably turn up the air conditioning on those sunny, sweltering days, and there have probably been more than a few instances when you forgot to adjust the thermostat back to a more economical level when you left the house. Not to worry! With thermostat home automation you can enjoy WiFi remote access, so you can easily control your home comfort system from anywhere! Simply adjust the temperature in your home right from your smartphone, tablet or computer. No more wasting money leaving the air conditioning running all day when you’re at work, at the beach or wherever!


No one likes coming home to a hot, stuffy house or getting out of a warm bed on a cold day. With thermostat home automation from Millian-Aire you don’t have to! Not only can you adjust your thermostat from anywhere, but many of today’s state-of-the-art thermostats learn your habits and make the adjustments for you! It’s easy and convenient — what’s not to love?

Increase Your Home’s Value

When you invest in your home technology, you are investing in your home’s value. Today’s thermostat home automation products offer a wide range of features and value added benefits. So, you can enjoy cost-savings and convenience, which is also a perk for potential buyers. In fact, the money you save with thermostat home automation is money you’ll save for the lifetime of the product.

Peace of Mind

You’re packed, tickets in hand, you are on your way to the airport, and then it hits you….you forgot to adjust the thermostat. Now your 10 day vacation means 10 days of paying for air conditioning in an empty house, or maybe you’re not sure if you set your thermostat to the right temperature. With WiFi remote access, you can adjust your thermostat right from your phone. So, you can kick back, relax and enjoy that long awaited vacation. Adjust the temperature again when you are on your way home, and walk into a cool, comfortable house!

Thermostat home automation is more affordable than ever before. If you are ready to improve your home’s energy efficiency, save money and enjoy convenience and peace of mind, contact Millian-Aire today! We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.


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