Palm Harbor Heating Services

Homeowners needing heating services in Palm Harbor should look for experienced technicians and top-rated customer service. Even though we live in a mild climate, you need to be able to rely on your heating system when the weather turns. Your family’s comfort depends on the expertise of your heating services company.

Millian-Aire offers HVAC services in Palm Harbor with certified technicians and over 25 years’ experience in our area. We are committed to using that experience to offer the best-matched equipment for every installation or replacement. We also offer guaranteed repair and maintenance for every make and model.


Whether you are building a new home, a new addition or you need a replacement for an older system, your heating services provider should recommend equipment that is carefully matched to your needs. Your installer should evaluate your location and the conditions in your home (for example: insulation, windows, and even orientation toward the sun) and show you only heating options that will be efficient, affordable and properly sized.

We install energy-efficient heat pumps, conventional furnaces from name-brand manufacturers like Trane, as well as many other solutions for single-room or whole-house warming. We make it easy to compare your options with Energy Star ratings and clear-cut pricing information.

Today’s new furnaces offer incredible energy savings compared to equipment from even just 10 years ago. If your home’s furnace is over a decade old, and you are considering replacement, let us show you how you can drastically reduce your utility bills and increase your family’s comfort.

Repair and maintenance

Regular professional inspection and maintenance will extend the life of your equipment and ensure its optimal performance. A poorly maintained heater wastes energy and wears out more quickly. A unit that is operating inefficiently not only wastes money, but can be hazardous as well.

Some components of your heating system are inaccessible to the homeowner, and yet should be inspected by a certified technician. Motors, belts, ductwork and heating elements all need to be closely examined on a regular basis.

Our certified technicians are trained to spot signs of trouble before they cause a breakdown. Millian-Aire, your provider of heating services in Palm Harbor, can perform a thorough inspection of your entire system and recommend any necessary repairs.

Millian-Aire began serving this area over 25 years ago. Even though we’ve grown to a fleet of 25 service trucks, we are proud to still be family-owned and operated. We provide complete heating services in Palm Harbor.


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