At Millian-Aire we pride ourselves in great customer relationships and our business has grown year after year because our loyal customers are compelled to tell their family and friends about us. Millian-Aire is happy to thank you with our “Thanks-A-Millian” referral rewards program! This program gives you the chance to earn great rewards just for referring your friends and family to Millian-Aire!

Here’s how the program works:

Anytime your referral becomes a new customer (purchases maintenance/repair services for the first time in five years) you will receive a $25 AMEX Gift Card! When your referral purchases a new system from us, we will send you a $50 AMEX Gift Card.*
The more referrals, the bigger the thanks… with every additional referral that purchases a new system, we will add $25. 1 referral= $50, 2 referrals= $75, 3 referrals= $100.

You can receive up to 5 referrals in one year!**
* Once system is installed we will mail your gift card to you as a thank you! **Referral count resets each calendar year

So what are you waiting for? Submit your referral today and start earning rewards!

Please note: American Express and the Tampa Bay Rays are not participating in or sponsors of this offer and are not affiliated with Millian-Aire Ent. Corp.
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Once you have earned your first $50 AMEX card, you are automatically invited to our Referral Party!

This year we will be thanking you for your referrals with free food and drinks and two tickets to:

Our Private Party in the
162 Landing at the Rays Stadium
on Saturday, September 16, 2017

We will contact you with details closer to the event date!

If you have questions about our Thanks-A-Millian Customer Appreciation Referral Rewards program please call our office at 727-862-2100 or 352-688-1170


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