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Tampa Indoor Air Quality

Millian–Aire has offered HVAC services since 1987; based in New Port Richey, we service all of Tampa Bay and all of Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco and Hernando County.

We offer a large selection of indoor air quality products and services. Air contaminants can come from a variety of sources which release gases or particles into the air. The pollution sources include some of the following:

  • Improper ventilation can raise pollutant levels due to not bringing in a proper amount of fresh air which can dilute the contaminants produced by indoor sources
  • High outdoor temperatures and humidity levels can increase concentrations of various pollutants
  • Combustion sources such as natural gas, oil, wood, and tobacco products produce air pollutants
  • Interior furnishings and building materials made of certain pressed wood products
  • Household products such as solvents and cleaning solutions, personal care products such as hairsprays, and other aerosols that can include air fresheners
  • Outdoor sources that make their way indoors such as pesticides and radon

Indoor Air Quality Products and Systems

Since air pollutants come in so many different forms, there are a variety of indoor air quality solutions available to choose from in the Tampa area. Because our indoor spaces tend to be more sealed than in previous times, air contaminants can remain in the air for a much longer time unless something removes them.

This is where indoor air quality products become important. However, all products are not created equally and with so many air pollutant types out there, certain products are designed to target specific groups of air pollutants which can range from particulates, to microbes, and gases.

Reducing indoor air pollution works in three distinct phases:

  • Source control: removes the actual source of an air pollutant, or at least dramatically diminishes its negative emissions
  • Ventilation: exchanges indoor air with outdoor air throughout a building, keeping the air from becoming stale by periodically introducing fresh air
  • Air cleaning: controls the amount of airborne particles which are present

When all three of these methods are used in tandem, you will have the best possible quality of air. We can assist you in deciding which of these systems will provide you with your desired results. Our extensive line of products and services are specifically designed to make your home healthy again.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Tampa

As a reputable indoor air company, Millian–Aire has well educated and fully trained technicians who work on a large assortment of systems throughout the Tampa area. The indoor air quality products we work with include air filtration systems, dehumidifiers, UV germicidal lights, duct sanitizing, and duct replacement.

At Millian–Aire Enterprise Corp. we offer a comprehensive collection of indoor air quality services which encompass system installations and replacements, as well as system repairs and maintenance programs. Come to us with any questions, and our well–versed specialists will make certain that you not only obtain the excellent service that you desire, but which you require. Contact Millian–Aire for all your HVAC needs, and ensure that your indoor air quality in your Tampa, Trinity, New Port Richey, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, DunedinOldsmar, Westchase, Spring Hill, or surrounding area home is the best that it can be in any season, all year round.

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