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Not the average service call

Who enjoys waiting around for a service tech to be at your home? Certainly I do not; like most I seem to have a very busy and hectic life. Okay so mostly I am golfing on the weekend and that seems far more important than dusting and cleaning the house while on that vicious wait time!

Surprise, surprise, along comes Chris; all happy go lucky, Life is Good attitude. What the heck is that all about? So now how can I be upset that I gave up a morning of golf when he is being so pleasant? Hmmmm.

Okay, Chris, you did a great job. Certainly my testimony is not the first pat on the back for you or for Millionaire. You DID do a great job, you explained what was going on with the a/c and never seemed to tire of my endless questions.

And, your cheerful “see you in June” comment as you left once again showed your attention to details. This was truly not the average service call one expects. Thank you Chris and see you in June.