BlogSeptember 21, 20183 Areas Of Your Home You Need to Focus On to Maximize Indoor Cooling

An air conditioner works by removing indoor heat and transferring it to the exterior. So, if your home gains heat, the AC needs to work more to cool it down. As a homeowner, your responsibility is to identify areas through which your home gains heat and then block them. This sealing will go a long way to make your cooling unit work efficiently.

Here are some of the areas you should take care of during the summer months to minimize heat gain:

The Roof

Your home gains the most heat from sunlight and the roof covers a substantial surface area to absorb maximum sunshine every single day. How much heat your house will absorb depends considerably on the roofing material. The traditional roofing systems absorb a considerable amount of sunlight. To deal with this problem contractors use reflective coatings for the roof. It prevents sunlight from reaching the surface, minimizing the average heat gain by the house.

You can prevent the heat absorption also by limiting the amount of heat transfer from the roof to the interiors. The place that the sunlight affects the most is the attic. By adding insulation between the living space and the attic, you can substantially reduce the amount of heat transfer within.

The Windows

Apart from the roof, the doors and windows bring in the maximum amount of sunlight increasing the average temperature within. Generally, windows have inbuilt insulation which prevents the sunlight; however, some sun rays shine through the windows bypassing the barrier. To avoid the intrusion of sunlight, homeowners often use light-colored interior blinds and curtains, but that’s not a full-proof solution to this perennial problem. During the summer months, homeowners can use exterior shutters or even louvers to block the incoming sunrays.

However, a greener way to prevent sunlight from entering is to have natural landscaping. It also keeps the average temperature around your house low and helps the circulation of air to avoid the absurd rise of heat in the summer months.

Inside Sources

Without any prior indication, your house gains a considerable amount of heat from sources within. The incandescent lights add to the temperature forcing your AC to work harder. To address this issue, you can use greener options like CFL and LED bulbs which not only emit less heat but also use less energy. Using more natural light for daily purposes also helps. Even the appliances emit a lot of heat, but you cannot avoid using them. Using energy-efficient units, however, help reduce the heat emission, considerably.  You can minimize the heat emission also by avoiding the use of appliances like grille and heater indoors. This will not only prevent your AC from overworking but also help you avoid frequent repair and servicing.

Just like the AC understands your need for comfort, even you should understand what makes it work better for you. If you want to continue this symbiotic relationship between you and your AC, reach us, and we will help you save lots of money, effort and non-renewable sources of energy as well.

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