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3 Common Airflow Issues In Your Hvac System

Common Airflow Issues In Your Hvac System

If you find that the airflow of your system is less than what it used to be, it could be due to some factors. The most common reason is, of course, the clogging of air cleaners. All modern HVAC air cleaners are all high-performance components, and even the slightest build-up of dirt and grime can disrupt the airflow. But there are other more pressing concerns that you need to call to the attention of your AC maintenance guy if you want your HVAC unit to last long and perform efficiently.

1. Check for Hot and Cold Spots

An HVAC system can either heat a room or cool it down. However, no matter which setting the system is turned to, one thing is for certain – the effect will take place uniformly. This means that your room will either experience a rise in heat levels or a drop in the temperature. If the entire space has hot and cold spots, then it is a sure sign that your HVAC system is experiencing airflow problems.

2. Issues from Faulty Ductwork

The ductwork of the HVAC system transfers the hot or cold air to your room. But if the entire network is not correctly installed or is not the right size for your home, then it could lead to problems with the airflow.

3. Problems with Iced Cooling Coils

Check the inside of your air handler for iced cooling coils. A leaky refrigerant is likely to result in frosting, and when it is used up, cooling does not happen properly, which results in reduced airflow. If the temperature of the air coming out of the AC is extremely low, it leads to reduced flow and the coil gets covered in ice.

Issues surrounding the airflow of your HVAC system may seem like a minor nuisance, but they might indicate bigger problems. So, the best thing to do is call an HVAC repair expert. We can help you to resolve such HVAC issues. Get in touch with us here.