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3 Latest Architectural Design Trends That Can Enhance AC Efficiency In American Homes

AC Efficiency

The recession hit the real estate market hard, and when the market was low, prospective buyers looked for smaller homes. But as the market started rebounding, the suburban homes started to grow bigger. While the numbers of the US households are increasing, high energy consumption has become a significant concern, and efficiency gains are lower than what is expected. As a homeowner, achieving energy efficiency should be one of your top priorities, and since the nation’s housing authorities have tightened the regulations, you cannot ignore it while building your home. The summer months have already arrived in Florida, and the humidity is going to rise slowly, air conditioning is an essential area to ponder on. However, experts believe that the energy efficiency of homes can be increased with few architectural changes.

Replace the Drafty Windows if Possible, or At Least Replace It

While building a new home, the doors and windows are always a major concern of homeowners. They not only keep you safe, but also ensure whether your home will be energy efficient or not. The absence of high-performance windows will force cold air within the house to leak, putting extra pressure on the AC, and increase utility bills by 25 percent.

Replace the Drafty Windows

There are multi-pane glass windows available in the market with low-emissivity coatings which are used by contractors to help keep the conditioned air within during the summer months. If installing a new window is out of your budget, use insulating window coverings to wrap up the panes and reduce drafting.

An Energy Audit Must Include Depressurization While Under Construction

Most sensible homeowners run an energy audit while constructing a new home. A door blower test should be an integral part of the process. To measure the overall air-tightness of the room, it is essential for you to pinpoint the location of drafts and only a door blower test will help you achieve it.

door blower

To perform the door blower test, you need to call in technicians who will set up a temporary barrier in the external section of the house. The artificially blown air will create suction that will suck the air out of the home, decreasing the air pressure within. The entire data represented by a measurement system will guide in due course of time helping you to decide further drywall or window sealing.

If there are some air leaks, the increased air flow disrupts the smooth flow. Usually, it is tough to find out the minor leaks in your home. This process helps to identify the points of leakage so that they can be sealed. A perfect sealing of your home helps your air conditioner to perform better.

Saving Air Conditioning with Implementation of Bio-Energy Techniques

High architectural standards are helping to increase the energy efficiency of homes. Advanced air conditioning systems, integrating intelligent technologies and crafty architecture have allowed households to go green. According to some real estate industry reports, the houses have grown bigger by 28 percent since the effect of the recession has gone. And as these smart technologies are implemented, the homes have reportedly used 31 percent of less energy per square foot on an average.

With time, and with the changes in lifestyle, the consumption of energy increases, and it is the responsibility of homeowners to build energy-efficient homes. If you treat it as a priority, Call us now, and we will have our technicians help you out with the areas to work on.