BlogApril 24, 20183 Problems With An Oversized HVAC Unit

Bigger is not always the better when it comes to an HVAC system. You have to choose a size that matches your cooling needs. Now selecting the right product may be an off-putting task with so many options being available in the market. Tasked with choosing from varied sizes, multiple brands, and endless ratings, people, often end up buying an oversized unit. But an extra-large unit is not always your best bet.  It may, in fact, lead to significant cooling problems in your home, besides costing you a hefty amount on repairing work. Here are three ways how an oversized unit may cost you:

1. Inflated Energy Bills

An oversized system will continuously start and stop due to short cycling. This process, in turn, will exert more pressure on the system, accelerating  the depreciation process. With the equipment turning on and off too often, it will get into the ‘startup’ mode more often. As a result, your HVAC unit will consume more electricity, leading to huge power bills.

2. Discomfort

When you have an oversized unit, it leads to frequent temperature fluctuations, making you feel uncomfortable during summer. The humidity inside your home will further add to your discomfort. When your oversized AC is set to cool mode, increased moisture in the air will make you feel uncomfortable.  To cool down your home, you will need to lower the thermostat temperature.  But an oversized unit fails to reduce the humidity levels, leading to more discomfort.

3. Quick Breakdowns

Since the wear and tear on an oversized unit occur at a high rate, your HVAC  system will not last you long. It will experience quick breakdowns with its lifespan radically diminished. The efficiency rate may be reduced to half, resulting in expensive repairs.

At Millian-Aire, we have trained HVAC repair technicians to come to your assistance. We will help you fix major HVAC issues. And if you are contemplating an HVAC upgrade, our professionals will also help you choose the right-sized unit that is ideal for your home and budget. Contact us today for immediate help.

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