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3 Questions to Ask for A More Accurate Ac Estimate

Although home cooling systems are mostly taken for granted, they constitute an expensive luxury. According to the US Department of Energy, US households spend more than $22 billion annually on air conditioning. That accounts for a minimum of 15 percent of all the energy used in some homes, while in warmer areas like Florida, that can go up to 70 percent of the summertime electricity bill. Older systems consume even more electricity, which is the reason why you should upgrade or replace your existing AC unit every decade or so. However, you should know which unit to opt for and for that you need to ask the right questions. Here are a few you should consider:

1. What is the Ideal AC Size for My Home?

Many people are under the impression that bigger is better. But this does not apply to air conditioners. That’s because AC units remove both moisture and heat from the air. An oversized unit will cool down the room too quickly but remove only a part of the moisture. As a result, the whole room will end up feeling clammy and damp. On the other hand, the right-sized unit will siphon humidity more effectively, thereby making the room feel more comfortable.

2. Should I Invest in New Technology?

This is a no-brainer! Technology evolves to make life more convenient for consumers. So, you should always inquire about the best possible product within your budget to improve the cooling experience in your home. Take the feedback and recommendations from other customers into account.

3. Is the New AC Energy Efficient?

Choosing an energy-efficient system cuts down on your utility bills and makes the system last longer. To determine the energy efficiency of your chosen model, check for a bright yellow Energy Guide sticker on the AC box. This will tell you exactly how much it costs the system to run. You must consider this expense as part of the total cost of purchasing and operating the AC unit.

Our experienced, certified AC professionals will gladly answer any and all questions you might have regarding air conditioning. At the same time, this will give them an insight into your home cooling needs and help you make an informed decision when buying a new AC. Contact us at Millian-Aire for all kinds of heating and cooling needs.