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3 Reasons Why Improper AC Installation Affects A Unit’s Cooling Efficiency

AC Installation

There is nothing more comforting than escaping the sweltering Florida heat and saunter into your air-conditioned (AC) room. But what happens when,one fine summer day, you realize that your AC is not cooling your home the way it should? This is the last thing you expect in May when the temperature reaches 88 degrees. Now the question is why your HVAC system is not cooling uniformly. Well, there can be many reasons behind it, improper installation might be one of them. Here are three ways a faulty implementation might affect your AC’s efficiency:

1. Choosing the Wrong Size

If you have bought an HVAC system depending on your budget and not based on your room size, you will face cooling problems in the peak of summer. Apart from the room size, you will need to factor in several other aspects. For example, May temperature in Tampa, Florida is 90 degrees Fahrenheit implying that homeowners in the city will need more cooling efficiency for the same room in contrast to a place where the temperature is comparatively low.

2. Low Freon Levels

With a new AC installation, Freon is used to charge the system. Now when the cooling machine is installed the wrong way, the unit may not have the adequate amount of Freon and as a result may not operate in the right way for the optimum cooling efficiency. A technician can ensure that your AC has the right refrigerant level. If you have already installed your HVAC unit and have problems with Freon refill, do not hesitate to call a professional.

3. Exposure to High outside Temperature

The external unit remains exposed to the direct heat of the sun, and a wrong placement may worsen the effects of this exposure on the unit. When the outside temperature crosses the optimum operating temperature, your HVAC system’s cooling efficiency will dip. When the temperature reaches abnormal levels, the compressor may cease to operate. With an under performing unit, your AC bills may shoot up radically.

Once the installation is done, schedule annual maintenance with a reputable AC repairing agency like Millian-Aire. This investment will enable you to overcome cooling issues that may crop up from time to time. At Millian-Aire we send our expert technicians to inspect your unit, do what’s needed to improve efficiency as well as perform a thorough cleaning. If you have further questions about AC installation and repair, contact us today.