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3 Reasons Why You Are Paying Inflated AC Bills

AC Bills

Come summer,it is time to receive electricity bills that are way higher than expected.  What can you do about your sky-high electricity bills? Certainly, you can try to minimize your energy consumption. And cutting back on your AC usage would be the best way to do that. However, when you live in a place like Florida, it is easier said than done, especially when summer heat takes a peak in your city. Still, you can keep your bills low provided you know what adds to your cooling costs. Here are three reasons why you are paying so much:

1. Older HVAC Units are Less Energy-Efficient

A cooling system which is more than five years old will not work as efficiently as modern energy rated units. Replace it with a new product with an energy-star label. That is because these machines consume 15 percent less electricity than traditional systems. The down payment amount is no doubt higher, but you will benefit in the long-term when your monthly power bills plummet drastically.  We at Millian-Aire recommend that you also get an energy audit done for more savings.

2. Faulty Air Ducts

Is your upper-story bedroom warmer than the rest of the house? If yes, call Millian-Aire to check the quality your the air ducts.  You may find holes in them that let the conditioned air escape outside, making your room stifling hot during summer. Gaps in the air ducts will strain your HVAC unit, making it work harder for cooling down your home. Consequently, you end up paying high utility bills.

3. Poor and Irregular Maintenance

Not scheduling a periodic HVAC tune-up may affect your unit’s efficiency, resulting in a high utility bill. Regular servicing, on the other hand, ensures maximum cooling efficiency and lower utility bills. Besides, you will require fewer repairs. Fixing minor issues with routine inspections will prevent major operational problems in the future. Regular maintenance will also keep allergens at bay, and you will get an improved indoor air quality. So get your unit tuned-up to stay cool this summer.

By making just a few changes to your home AC usage,you can enjoy a good saving on your utility budget.Therefore, get your unit serviced frequently and if you have any HVAC maintenance issues, we are eager to come to your assistance. Contact us today