BlogJune 5, 20183 Red Flags To Look For When You Hire An HVAC Maintenance Provider For The First Time

With the mercury often crossing 90 degrees Fahrenheit mark during June and July, Florida is brutally hot during the summer months. You need to depend on your air conditioning system to cope with this extreme climatic condition. But when it snaps, you need to immediately get in touch with a local technician to fix the problems. Unfortunately, not all AC companies in Florida operate professionally. Uninformed homeowners often fall into the trap of fly-by-the-night HVAC contractors who rip them off financially. Therefore, don’t go by something as superfluous as the company logo or a couple of good reviews (unless you find them in a high-traffic website) while hiring an HVAC service provider. Choosing a wrong agency/ technician may land you in the soup later.  Therefore, to avoid scammers, watch out for these three things:

1. Too Frequent Maintenance

Yes, HVAC tune-ups are necessary to keep the system up and running during summer. But that does not mean that you must service the unit six times a year. Two bi-annual tune-ups and two servicings in between are just sufficient to keep your unit in good stead for a long time.Therefore, stay away from scammers who insist that your AC need more upkeep than this.  Stop shelling out money for fixes you don’t require.

2. Upfront Payment

If your AC contractor insists on an upfront payment, there is a reason to worry. When you are installing a new cooling unit, an initial deposit is justified. But professional contractors will never ask for full payment when it comes to HVAC maintenance.

3. Overcharging

You will find many reputed AC companies that charge you more for tune-ups because they provide quality components to ensure its smooth operation. However, a few unscrupulous contractors charge you more. If you are asked to pay more than you should, do your research and seek a second opinion. Avoid signing any papers that include the words, ‘Additional repairs’. Do not pay unless you see the damaged parts.

Choose an AC repair technician only after doing a little homework. Use your common sense. At Millian-Aire, we will never overburden you an inflated maintenance bill. We do not charge more than what we initially quote. So if you have any HVAC issues — minor or critical – we will stand behind you. Contact us today.

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