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3 Tips To Choose A New Air Conditioning System For Your Florida Home

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Selecting a new air conditioning (AC) unit for your home can be a difficult choice to make. You need to factor in many aspects including the AC’s size, which should be compatible with the space you need to cool, and its energy efficiency level so that you are not stuck with high electricity bills year after year. Here are three essential tips you should follow if you want to invest in an eco-friendly and efficient cooling unit for maximum comfort:

1. Do Your Research

Decide what type of a heating and cooling system you want for your home. Consult with our trained technicians who have many years of experience in installing HVAC systems, employing the latest technologies and industry best practices. Our experts at Millian-Aire will be able to do a load calculation before you choose a unit. Ask yourself these vital questions before you decide to invest:

  • Does the company sell quality products?
  • Will they do a thorough inspection of my house before quoting a price?
  • Do they provide quality maintenance services?
  • What is the warranty available for the AC and the installation?
  • Will they test my home’s indoor air quality?

2. Choose an Energy-Efficient Model

When you are replacing your old cooling machine with a new one, invest in an energy-efficient option. In case you need to replace a central AC unit, ensure that you replace both the air handler and the condenser because these components operate simultaneously. Changing one and not the other will affect your system’s overall performance. Look at the SEER rating that determines the unit’s energy efficiency. We at Millian-Aire recommend that you choose a new AC with a SEER rating of at least 14.

3. Opt for the Right Size

A bigger cooling unit does not necessarily mean that it will cool your home more efficiently. We recommend that you avoid setting up oversized units as they have short cycling issues. It is no use installing a machine that switches on and off frequently. Buy an AC depending on the load calculations our technician suggests.

Invest in the right AC unit for your home. If you have any questions about a new product, Millian-Aire’s technicians will be happy to help you pick the best one. Contact us today for a free consultation.