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3 Ways to Make Green AC a Reality

Air conditioning

AC and green? It may sound contradictory, but eco-friendly air conditioning is fast becoming a reality across the USA. Several recent technological innovations have made that possible. Also, AC manufacturers have started phasing out their older models to meet new government regulations concerning global warming. This new rule mandates the use of an eco-friendly coolant called R410a Freon, in all new generation of air conditioning systems. So, you can rest assured that your next AC will cause considerably less damage to the environment. Meanwhile, until you upgrade to a newer AC, you can follow these three tricks to make your existing system ‘greener’:

Choose the Right Size

People often use under-sized ACs thinking that they will consume less energy. Nothing can be further from the truth. Smaller ACs won’t keep your home cool, no matter how hard they try.  And in their struggle, they will use up a lot of electricity. You cannot blame them for this failure; they are not equipped to handle a size of the space you have assigned them. In the case of a size-mismatch, an AC unit fails to maintain parity between the air its condenser is supposed to cool and the humid air its evaporator draws from the environment.

Use a Unit with Two-Stage Compressors and a Programmable Thermostat

The compressors carry out the toughest task—driving out the heated vapors and letting the coolant do its cooling job efficiently. So, you cannot blame them if they end up consuming a lot of electricity. However, a two-stage compressor makes the job easier, as they can sense the difference in temperature, and compress less on cooler days and more when it’s hot. This system helps to save a lot of energy.

Programmable thermostats allow you to program your AC according to your presence at your home. These devices enable you to keep the AC on the ‘off’ mode when no one is at home and turn it on the moment the family members return, all automatically. This system helps to avoid unnecessary running of the AC, and hence saves a lot of energy.

Care for Your AC

You must get your AC unit serviced by a skilled professional at least once a year. A routine servicing includes testing refrigerant pressure, air flow, and leakage. These examinations ensure that the glitches are addressed as soon as possible. A quick resolving of issues prevents further deterioration, and hence your AC carries on with its task without losing its efficiency.

It is not only the government that should do all the work to keep the environment clean and green. It is up to us as well to do our bit to save the earth from getting warmer. If you want further guidance on the use or repairing of your AC unit, give us a call right away.