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3 Ways To Keep Your Child Safe In AC

3 Ways To Keep Newborn Babies Safe In Ac

It is an essential to have air conditioning in Florida homes, especially during the summer months. However, when there is a newborn in the family, the parents get worried whether artificial cooling will be safe for the little one or not. There are  misconceptions with regard  to the effects of air conditioning on children, but the good news is, experts have accepted that AC is safe and at times healthy for infants.

How is the Air Conditioning Beneficial for the Infants?

There are plenty of reasons why the health experts keep asking parents to have air conditioning when a baby is born. Extreme humid conditions of Florida often cause breathing troubles for infants. Air conditioners effectively cool down stuffy rooms, helping your child breathe better. Studies have shown that at homes, where AC is not installed, infants do not find sound sleep on most nights. However, you cannot freeze your baby with an exceptionally low thermostat setting.  The experts suggest that while sharing the room with an infant, you should program the thermostat in between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Know Where to Place Your Baby When the AC is Switched On

If you have common sense, you will know that the direct air from the AC unit is not a good option for your child’s health. To avoid any such condition, make sure your child is not too close to the AC. As for the toddlers, they do not know where to go and where not to. You must be responsible enough to see that they do not get too close to the AC. The direct breeze from the AC might cause your child catch cold and even pneumonia. Also, you need to  get the unit serviced each season to keep it in the best working condition and ensure no harmful fume is coming out of it.

Responsible Parenthood is the Only Way Out

Staying in AC is okay, but an entire day in AC is a strict no-no. Too much exposure may lead to dry skin and sore throat. Therefore, don’t keep your child in AC for an extended stretch. The practice of entering an air-conditioned room direct from a hot, humid climate is awful; wait for some time, wipe  sweat off your child’s body, and let the body temperature go down before entering an AC room. A random change in temperature is not good for your child, and you should avoid it. Also, there is a chance of dehydration when you keep your baby in AC. Make your child drink sufficient water throughout the day to prevent such conditions.

If you thought that all you need to do to ensure your child’s comfort is  plug in the AC, well, you are wrong. It is not that easy.  You must take proper precautions to ensure your AC is a lifesaver and not a life-taker in the long run. If you are still looking for suggestions, call us anytime. We will be happy to help you.