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3 Ways To Make Your Ac Summer-Ready

AC operations during the summer

Summer is just around the corner. And, the last thing you want is to flip the switch of your cooling system on a hot day only to find out that it doesn’t work. Unfortunately, this is a very common situation, affecting thousands of homeowners annually. As the ACs sit ideal throughout winter, they collect dirt and debris and need maintenance to run smoothly. Here are a few tips to get started:

1. Get New Air Filters For Your AC

Air filter replacement should be your preliminary course of action. You might not realize it, but these components collect dirt and grime while sitting idle all winter. So, instead of efficient performance, you end up with reduced airflow. Replacing the air filters regularly – preferably once a month – is the best way to ensure uninterrupted AC operations with minimum energy consumption. Especially during the summer, when airborne contaminants and allergens are aplenty, clean air filters maintain the supply of cool air.

2. Remove Debris

The condenser must always enjoy unobstructed access to open air. So, clear any branches or shrubs in the way of the equipment. Outdoor units unable to breathe properly will increase the pressure on the AC, driving up energy expenses and increasing the amount of wear and tear. Ideally, shrubs, plants, and other landscaping should remain two to four feet away from the condenser for smooth airflow.

3. Inspect the Seal Leakage

In summer, homeowners can make their rooms feel comfortable by trapping cold air inside and keeping warm air out. Use techniques like caulking and weather-stripping to weatherize door and window frames. This technique helps plug any leaks in your home and prevents moisture from escaping and increasing the burden on your AC.

If you are late in signing up for a summer tune-up program, it might be several days before the service personnel can fit you in his/her busy schedule. Even then, you might have to pay top-of-the-season prices. That’s why you should begin as early as possible. The process is fairly easy, but if you need additional help, you can always contact us here.