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5 Common Air Conditioner Modes

5 Common Air Conditioner Modes

High temperature and humidity year round have made air conditioners a household staple in Florida since the 1960’s. However, the difference between the ACs of then and the ACs of now is monumental, especially where efficiency and performance are concerned. While the basic function – cooling a given space – has largely remained unchanged over the years, modern air conditioning units are easier to handle and lower home temperatures quicker. But the most striking development is perhaps the availability of different modes that add convenience and comfort to the users’ lives. Read this article to find more information about different operational modes of modern AC units.

1. Auto Mode

When you set the AC to ‘Auto,’ the system detects your room temperature and automatically adjusts the fan speed and temperature.

2. Cool Mode

This is the default setting for most AC models. The unit runs according to the preset temperature and fan speed. Ideally, homeowners should maintain the temperature at 77 degrees Fahrenheit for the comfort and electricity saving.

3. Fan Mode

Turning on Fan mode means switching off the compressor while keeping the AC fan running constantly. This is an excellent way for households to save electricity because the compressor is the most electricity-guzzling part of the whole machine.

4. Power Saving Mode

Once you turn on ‘Power Saver’ mode, the system fan switches off for a couple of minutes. And until it turns back on again, the compressor does not start. This extends the time between compressor cycles, thereby making it run less and conserving electricity.

5. Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode raises the thermostat temperature by one degree every hour until the total temperature increases by two degrees. This mode is good for people who prefer to sleep at low temperatures as it saves electricity with each degree rise in temperature.

Air conditioners have come a long way since inception, and now feature various modes that add more convenience to the lives of homeowners. Not only do the new models make people feel more comfortable, but they also run more efficiently and conserve electricity. If you want to replace your decades-old AC unit with one of these brand-new systems, contact us here.