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5 Things You Need To Know About Air Conditioning


In warmer regions such as in Florida, an air conditioning (AC) system is more of a necessity than a luxury. As a homeowner, you should have some knowledge of how an AC works and what you are required to do to ensure the unit’s optimal performance. Considering its cost and the monthly electricity bills, we at Millian-Aire want you to be knowledgeable about your cooling unit and be able to maintain it for achieving maximum efficiency. Here are five things that you should know about your home AC:

1. Reducing the Load on Your Cooling System

Fixing filters and ducts are two ways to reduce the load on your HVAC unit. Ensure that the air circulation in the condenser coils is not blocked. In the case of a blockage, the air around the AC coil may become stagnant, preventing it from being warmed and eventually freezing the refrigerant. We recommend that you get the condenser coils inspected by one of our AC repair experts to avoid high maintenance costs.

2. Replacing Air Filters

Improve your HVAC system’s performance by replacing dirty air filters on a periodic basis. Install new ones each month for your window and central units. If your AC has washable filters, clean them regularly. Check the filter’s minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) that varies from 1-12 for residential cooling units. The higher the MERV, the better will be your home’s indoor air quality.

3. Making Your AC More Energy-Efficient

To improve the performance of your AC, improve the energy efficiency of your home. Install double or triple glazed windows, fix leaking walls, and insulate the roof. These steps will stop the heat from entering or escaping your home, thus reducing the unit’s load, reducing your power bills, and improving the system’s lifespan.

4. Keeping Your Rooms Cool

Keep the blinds down during the daytime to improve the system’s cooling efficiency. Consider drawing the curtains to protect your windows from the sun’s heat.

5. Maintaining the System

Maintenance involves cleaning the coils, filters, lubricating motors, cleaning the blowers, adjusting or fixing the fan belts, checking operating temperatures, examining the controls, and inspecting the refrigerant level and pressures. We recommend that the unit is on a regular maintenance schedule for optimal performance. Opt for our Millian-Aire Club (MAC) membership to maximize the benefits of hassle-free AC maintenance.

Millian-Aire’s AC repair services ensure that you breathe clean, fresh air and never fall ill due to allergens like dust, pet dander, or mold development. Our trained experts ensure that you get the service you deserve. Contact us today if you want to set up a maintenance schedule.