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A little extra AC maintenance for our recent Florida weather conditions

clean ac drain

The weather guys in Tampa earn their pay in the winter months. It’s a sure bet we won’t have much rain, but predicting the temperature outside is difficult. It can be 35 degrees one day and 82 degrees the next. You may find yourself switching your HVAC system between Heat, Cool, or even Off when the temperature allows for open windows.

Due to the variable conditions, the winter months are a good time to make sure the air filters are clean and the condensation drain lines are clear. Mold can build up in the drain lines of the AC unit when it is not being used. If the mold completely blocks the drain pipe, water will back up into the AC unit and leave you with a wet spot nearby. This can cause damage to walls and floor coverings.

There are lots of videos by DIY ‘experts’ online showing various methods for dealing with AC drain lines. However, some of the solutions recommended may not be compatible with the materials in your system, and may be caustic to you and whatever is on the other end of the drain line.

If Do-It-Yourself AC maintenance is not your thing, you can join the Millian-Aire Club and let the professionals check out everything, including the drain lines. Call 888-628-0691 or use our online contact form.