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AC installation in Dunedin, Odessa, Clearwater and Oldsmar, FL

Why professional AC installation is better than DIY project?

Often a homeowner prides himself of his self-sufficiency. With the climate in different parts of Clearwater, Land-O-Lakes, Largo, Odessa, Spring Hill and Tampa turns warm, the majority of the people feel they are capable of installing an AC themselves. A DIY project is usually undertaken for saving money yet an AC needs licensed experts with experience and training for performing properly. The fact is a good effort for cutting costs can result in hitting your pocket hard. So here the best step will be leaving it in the hands of our experts. Be rest assured with us at Million-Aire you can have the best AC installation.

How you can benefit from a professional installation of an AC?

  • Measuring and Sizing- Prior to installing an AC you will require ensuring that the level of its power matches the space that it requires to cool. Besides, it requires being compatible with the existing ductwork as well as match similar needs which only an AC professional can ascertain
  • To improve longevity and efficiency- a number of tiny details are involved during an installation such as seals, bolts, electrical connections and placement within the space. And if this is poorly handled the AC may still function, yet it will reduce the efficiency of the unit and place more strain on this. This will lead to repair bills coming more frequently and sooner, which will ultimately lower the air conditioner’s lifetime as a whole. So professional installation matters
  • Comes with a guarantee- In case of DIY installation if something goes wrong, you will be on the hook no matter the type of damages it incurs. Yet when you get it installed through our professionals you will be in safe hands. They are insured and bonded and have the needed experience to do the installation devoid of a hitch. Besides, you will get a warranty should anything stops working while you can enjoy peace of mind learning that someone is looking after the labor.

Every professional in our company is certified and bonded and have good experience and expertise in professional installation of AC. If you wish to install your AC in the perfect way give us a call right away.