BlogJanuary 22, 2019Add an air purifier to your home or office without replacing your AC unit

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is an often-overlooked factor in HVAC system decisions. With modern homes being more sealed for energy efficiency, there is less interchange with fresh outside air. This can lead to buildups of mold, germs, odors and airborne particles that a basic filter cannot handle.

These airborne contaminants can worsen the symptoms for suffers of Asthma or COPD.

Take control of your indoor air quality.

Millian-Aire NATE certified technicians can help improve your air quality with a variety of IAC technologies from duct replacement to hi-tech air filtration systems, dehumidifiers, and UV germicidal lights. These can be fitted as part of a new system install or added to your current HVAC equipment.

Visit our Indoor Air Quality page to see a video on one of the hi-tech solutions we offer. Then contact us for a system evaluation .

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