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Air conditioning in Clearwater, Dunedin and Land- O –Lakes, FL

Air conditioning uses electricity and often a lot of it

There are many options when it comes to air conditioning, but the main thing is to get the solution that is right for you. Millian-Aire is an air conditioning supplier and can help with the right AC system in Clearwater, Dunedin, Holiday, Land-O-Lakes, Largo or Odessa.

Air conditioning is about heating and cooling an indoor area. This could be an office, a room, an entire house or a whole building. In addition to heating and cooling other processes such as de-humidification, air cleaning, air quality, ventilation, insulation and air movement need to be considered. This more complete system is often referred to as HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning).

Clearly different systems are required for different applications. You get small portable units that can cool a single room and you get large units installed on roof tops that can cool an entire building. Modern AC systems use energy to remove heat from a given space and then dump the heat outdoors. This process not only requires the help of a refrigerant, a compressor, but also that of electricity, and quite a lot of it. Not only do you want an HVAC system that operates a effectively, you also want an air conditioning solution that uses the least amount of electricity.

The type of air conditioner and configuration often depends on the area that needs to be cooled or heated. If you only need to cool one room, then a portable system or a wall mounted system could do. But those won’t be effective if you want to cool your entire house. Having portable units in each room in your house will too expensive, use too much electricity and will be difficult to control. If you need to cool an entire house, then a central air conditioning systems is a better solution.