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Advances in air conditioning systems

There are many different types of air conditioning system such as central systems, splits systems, compact systems and portable systems. Whatever type or configuration you have, once thing is certain – air conditioners need power and the older models need a lot of it. The good news is that there been many advances in air conditioning systems of the past years. Some of these advances relate to energy efficiency and the smart or connected home.

Self-teaching thermostats, smart phone apps and more control all add up to improved performance, less cost and greater comfort. New air conditioners use less energy, offer greater control and help make things more convenient. Other advances include smart controls, variable speed blowers and eco-friendly refrigerants.

An AC system is a complex one consisting of several different assemblies, sub-assemblies and components. Advances within specific components such as thermostats make new HVAC systems more efficient. Improved communication between different units such as indoor and outdoor units help to reduce heat loss and improves the dehumidifying processes. This reduces running costs and reduces the negative eco-footprint which is helpful to the environment.

Modern HVAC systems are less noisy, easier to operate and provide users with greater control. HVAC systems our now designed to work with other technologies such as smart phone apps. This means a user can operate and set temperature controls even when away from home.

Some of the driving forces behind advancements and technological improvements in the air conditioning business are related to energy consumption and the need for greater comfort. By improving efficiency, AC system costs less to run. This also reduces the strain on the national grid. This saves you money and helps the environment.

People have learnt to interact more effectively with machines and AC systems are no exception.