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Air conditioning installation in Clearwater, Largo, Lutz and Tampa, FL

Why opting for professional air conditioning installation worth it?

Often homeowners pride themselves, especially of their self-sufficiency while considering the climate in Clearwater, Largo, Odessa and Tampa some people may consider replacing an outdated or faulty AC on their own which invariably is a big mistake. They undertake it for saving money, but the truth is an AC needs licensed professionals having the experience and training to perform properly. In fact a well-intentioned effort for cutting costs will end up to hit your pocketbook really hard. Here the best step will be to hire a company that offers professional air conditioning installation services and who better can do the needful than Million-Aire.

The Million-Aire Difference

  • Measuring and sizing- prior to installing a new AC we will ensure that that the power level of the unit matches the space it requires to cool. We will also ensure that it is compatible with the existing ductwork and also match similar needs which only professionals like us can ascertain
  • To improve longevity and efficiency- installation needs a lot of details such as electrical connections, placement within the space, seals and bolts. But if it is handled poorly it may function, but the worst part is it will lower the efficiency of the unit and place more strain on the unit. This in turn will lead to repair or replacement bills coming more frequently and sooner and as a whole will also lower its lifetime
  • Comes with a guarantee- during a DIY installation should anything go wrong, you will be held responsible for all the damages that it incurs. But with us you can enjoy peace of mind as we are insured and bonded and possess the experience and expertise needed for performing the installation and without a hitch. Above all you will be protected via a warranty which means you can rest easy learning that an expert is looking after the labor

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