BlogBuying a New SystemFebruary 1, 2022Air Conditioning Leasing: An Innovative New Option

For homeowners wanting a dependable, predictable solution for their home’s heating and cooling needs, Millian Aire has an exciting new option available: leasing.

Air conditioning unit lease purchase

Through an exclusive arrangement to begin in Florida in 2022 with HVAC manufacturing leader Trane, Millian Aire now offers its customers the opportunity to lease HVAC units instead of purchasing.

Millian Aire is proud to be chosen by Trane as a leading HVAC service provider and partner in this innovative program, says Michael Stein, Millian Aire’s Director of Marketing & Analytics. While HVAC leasing has been offered in certain other areas, including parts of Canada, this is a first for Florida, he says.

Lease to own central air conditioning

In an HVAC lease, the customer doesn’t own the equipment — unless they decide to purchase it (see below). Such a program presents a number of benefits to the customer.

Benefits of Leasing vs. Owning

  • Lower Upfront Cost
    The expense is broken down into a monthly fee without the front-loaded fee of a purchase.
  • Constant Maintenance As Needed
    Maintenance is included in the lease plan, including replacement of key parts at standard intervals.
  • Locked-In Repair Costs
    The leasing plan includes all repairs over the course of the lease. It also provides protection against the unexpected failure of a unit. This can be especially helpful for people on fixed incomes.
  • Replacement At End Of HVAC Lifespan
    In Florida, HVAC units have an average lifespan of about 11.5 years. In a ten-year lease arrangement, Millian Aire customers can have a new HVAC unit installed on the tenth anniversary of the original lease, if a new lease is signed, helping to ensure no downtime from hardware failure – and providing comfort year after year.
  • Lower Your Electric Bills
    The efficiency ratings of air conditioning and heating units are measured according to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) standard — the higher the SEER rating, the lower the energy bills. Leasing can help to obtain a unit with a higher SEER rating (which can be more expensive if purchased) at an affordable monthly rate.
  • Transferable
    If the house is sold, the lease can be transferred to the new owner, or the seller can buy out the contract.
  • Buy At Any Time
    If you change your mind and prefer to own your HVAC system — no problem! The unit can be bought at any time for an amortized price.
  • Top Of The Line Equipment
    Having a hard time being able to afford the purchase of an HVAC unit to suit your needs? Leasing allows you to go top of the line without the upfront cost.
  • No Surprises
    Leasing represents a turnkey solution for customers that can provide peace of mind.

For some homeowners who expect to move soon, owning may remain the right option instead of leasing. Either way, Millian Aire is ready to serve your needs. Reach out to a representative today to discuss this exciting new option!

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