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An unincorporated CDP (census-designated place) in Hillsborough County, Lutz had a population of 20,184 in 2016. Low crime rates and sunny weather have made this part of Florida extremely livable. The high income per capita indicates that locals have access to all modern amenities, including heating and air conditioning. However, air conditioning is more than a luxury for the residents of Lutz; it is a necessity. With the average temperature ranging between 61 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit, people feel uncomfortably warm, especially during the summer season. High humidity adds to the discomfort and makes air conditioners a must-have in every household.

AC vs. Dehumidifier: Which Is the Better Option in Lutz?

If you’re a Lutz resident, you might be tempted to purchase a dehumidifier instead of an AC unit. After all, the former is the more affordable option and takes care of the humidity problem well. But there’s a reason why air conditioners are preferable to dehumidifiers in humid, tropical climates – the way the air in a room is treated. Both of these devices bring down room temperature by passing air over cooling coils. A dehumidifier, however, has another set of coils in place that heats up the air before releasing it. Thus, despite doing away with any excess moisture, dehumidifiers do not bring down the temperature. On the contrary, they heat up the room, which is definitely something you want to avoid in summers. Installing a dehumidifier is a good idea in winter, but it doesn’t make sense to pay extra when you can get an AC model that comes with a built-in dehumidifying component.

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