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Air Conditioning Services in Palm Harbor

In Palm Harbor, Air conditioning services are still a relatively new subject. However, the amount of benefits they offer confirm it is something worth looking into. These AC units will harness the sun’s power in order to reduce your cooling costs by up to half. Our area has, on average, over 200 days of sunshine per year, and we should be using that to our advantage!

If you are looking for a greener option to the conventional air conditioner unit, powered chillers offer lower energy consumption. By reducing greenhouse gases, the long-term cost savings and the knowledge that you’re helping the planet will be enough to make it worth it.

At Millian-Aire Enterprise Corp. we offer a variety of air conditioning services in Palm Harbor, including installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance. No matter what you are looking for, our certified and trained technicians will be able to help you.

Why Is It Important?

Our air conditioning services are an important factor in slowing down the use of fossil fuels, and ending the negative effects of climate change to our planet. In the past, in order to save energy and reduce power bills, people would just turn off their air conditioner and live with the heat. Thankfully, using power has allowed us to enjoy a cool home and lower bills, all while knowing you are helping to save the planet. These units will take advantage of the sun’s power at the hottest parts of the day, in order to keep your home refreshingly cool and comfortable.

When conventional air conditioners work at the hottest parts of the day, they are adding to the high demands of the power grid that will occasionally lead to a power outage. The powered units will lower the grid demand, especially during peak usage; they will also contribute to less outages and lower energy costs, along with reduced greenhouse gas production.

How It Works:

Our Palm Harbor air conditioning services include installing powered absorption chillers, which will work by heating and cooling the water through evaporation and condensation. The chillers cool the air by blowing it with fans powered by energy. To understand how these machines work, you must remember that forcing a gas into a smaller space will increase its temperature; this is the job of the compressor. When the energy is used to begin the heating process, the compressor will have to do less work, and therefore will use less energy. When plugged into a normal power source, these machines will operate at about 500 watts per hours, almost half of what a usual window AC unit would run at.

How Air Conditioning Will Help You:

If you are still not sure about switching to air conditioning services in Palm Harbor, consider some of these advantages:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint: A typical AC unit will release about 140 million tons of carbon dioxide, which is a known gas that contributes to climate change. The powered units will lower grid demand, reduce electricity costs, and reduce greenhouse gases.
  • Federal tax credit: The United States government offers a tax credit for up to 9% of the total retail cost of the AC unit, along with 30% of the cost of installation.
  • Save money: Even though the cost of installation is higher, these powered units will greatly reduce the amount of energy you use each day, therefore, lowering your bills.

If you are interested in our air conditioning services in the Palm Harbor area, call us at 888-628-0691 to get started today. We offer complete panel services, and can install and replace all types and brands of powered systems.