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How Does Air Conditioning Work?

Being able to determine when you may need air conditioning services is important so you do not have to deal with an overheated home in Carrollwood. The best way to recognize the signs that you need repairs is to know what to look for, and to know how your unit works.

The Insides of Your AC

  1. Your air conditioning unit uses a system of refrigeration to cool your home. When the liquid converts to gas, it absorbs the heat and gives you a cool temperature. That’s the reason why technicians check on your refrigerant levels and the coils when they perform air conditioning services in your home.
  2. After the hot vapor goes through the compressor, it will return to its original liquid form, with the help of cool air sent from the coils. Cleaning the coils provides better cooling performance for your Carrollwood home.
  3. The expansion valve does most of the work, as it cools the hot refrigerant liquid to allow it to run again for the next round.
  4. The now cold liquid runs through the furnace and cold air will be released into your home. The cycle starts again right away to constantly maintain a comfortable temperature.
  5. In addition to cooling your home, your AC unit filters the air to ensure it is clean, and also acts as a dehumidifier. Changing filters regularly will help moderate the allergens that get into your home.

You can think of your cooling system like a human body. It requires regular checkups to ensure it is functioning correctly. Air conditioning services in Carrollwood will provide you with a long lasting unit you can rely on. If you have noticed your energy bills increasing, your home’s temperature fluctuating when you haven’t touched the settings, rooms cooling faster than other ones, or strange noise coming from your system, call a professional. Taking care of issues as early as possible will usually lower your repair costs, as well as your stress levels.

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