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Why Air Filtration Is An Essential Aspect Of An AC Installation


According to trained HVAC repair professionals, a clean filter is a crucial aspect of home heating and cooling.  They would instruct you to change your air filter every month when in heavy use during the peak winter or summer. Why? When your HVAC system has an adequately clean filter, it goes a long way to  remove invisible pollutants from the air and create a healthy atmosphere in your home. And here are a few other ways that a clean, and high-quality air filter can work to improve your home and  your quality of life:

Eliminates Pet Dander

Pets are common in Florida homes. You love to cuddle your Labrador pup or cute little cat on the couch. They sit on furniture or cozy up beside you on the bed at night. No matter where they live, sit or play, your pets leave dander all over your home. Using a vacuum cleaner is not the solution to the problem. Only high-quality air filters can eliminate dander, purify the air, and make your home allergen-free. Also, no more worries when your buddy visits your home next time. With your HVAC system purifying the air, diligently, you will no longer feel embarrassed if your friend comments ‘pet odor!’

Improves Durability

Using clean, unclogged filters will extend the lifespan of your HVAC system because dirty units affect smooth air circulation. Use of blocked filters for a long time will lead to the overheating and breakdown of the unit.

Prevents Mold Proliferation

Know what? Breathing clean air is as important for your physical and mental well being as  eating a balanced diet and drinking clean water. Sophisticated air filters keep the indoor air free of allergens like mold. The humid areas of your home such as bathrooms, and pool houses are the breeding grounds of mold spores. They spread incredibly fast in a hot and humid place like Florida.  By using first-rate filters, you can stop your HVAC system from becoming an incubator of mold and other harmful microbes.

Millian-Aire’s air conditioning and heating services are designed to take care of the health, comfort, and safety of your family by improving your home’s air quality. If you want to learn more about the benefits of upgrading your old HVAC air filters, contact us today.