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Air: How Does it Work?

If you are a Tampa resident that hasn’t already, it’s time to start considering making the switch to Air Conditioning. Each year Americans spend 15 billion dollars to run the cooling systems in their home, and these staggering numbers will only continue to grow. As more people frequently use their cooling systems, more electricity will be needed, which will result in higher bills each month. Using the sun as an endless, efficient and free resource to power your system will save you money for years to come (while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint!).

Uses the sun to cool your home.

Air conditioning systems, or photovoltaic systems (PV), can save Tampa residents during those unbearable summer days. Each year there are 244 days that the sun is shining, and each year we are missing out on transferring those days into a power source. Air panels harness the sun’s rays to generate electricity to cool your home. The sun is a reliable and trustworthy source you can depend on.

Installation process.

Air conditioning panels are easily installed by trained electricians in the Tampa area. With years of experience with panels invented over 100 years ago, electricians will complete an orderly and precise job. After a free consultation, a professional will come to your home with the panels and ensure they are placed in a safe and secure location. Following installation, the electrician will secure the panels and assure that they are running at optimum capacity. There is not much left to do after installation other than enjoying the cost-friendly, environmentally-friendly and low maintenance gift of panels.

Works during a power outage.

Air conditioning panels are reliable even during Tampa power outages. Regardless of a power outage the sun will still be there to rely on. Power outages at night are no issue since the panels have stored energy to continue to cater to your needs.

When considering making the switch it is important to remember that a professional electrician is necessary to complete the job. Trained professionals with years of experience can install and secure the panels in compliance to codes and regulations. Having a professional install the panels will also reassure that they are working efficiently and at their highest potential. The benefits of the technology have been created to accommodate to your needs at any time.