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Benefits of Regular AC Services

Our AC services in Palm Harbor supply our clients with both comfort and dependability. There’s no worse feeling than cranking down the temperature on a hot day and realizing that your system isn’t working. With the intense Florida heat, your air conditioner needs to be reliable at all times of the year. And there is no easier way to do this than by having regular maintenance performed. Our staff wants to help ensure that you and your family feels comfortable with the temperature of your home.

Extended Dependability

Regular AC services for your Palm Harbor home can extend the life of your system. Over time, various parts of your unit are bound to wear down. Replacing these parts before they break can avoid damaging the machine even further; saving you both time and money.

An entire overhaul and replacement due to continuous damage and outdated parts can be costly. Frequent minor repairs can ensure that your air conditioner is running efficiently and helps to prevent any spontaneous breakdowns.

Energy Efficient

Scheduled air conditioner inspections can also help you save energy in your Palm Harbor home. Worn down parts and damage causes your system to work harder than necessary. This extra effort requires more energy, which in turn requires more money out of your pocket each month.

An easy way to spot efficiency issues is by keeping an eye on your electric bill. Any unexplained spikes in the cost can often be attributed to a problem with your HVAC system. Checking to see if the temperature on your thermostat corresponds to the feel of your home is also a quick way to see if everything is functioning properly.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Licensed technicians in Palm Harbor provide AC services that improve your indoor air quality. There are countless nooks and crannies where dust and dirt get clogged, and mold can grow from the increased humidity. Building up over time, these particles are expelled into your home through the vents which irritates allergies can cause symptoms related to respiratory illnesses. If your home hasn’t been inspected in the last few years, you are probably overdue for duct cleaning.

Essentially, we recommend checkups and inspections because they’re beneficial for our clients, and aid them in avoiding unexpected obstacles in the future.