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Why Is A Central Air Conditioner System Better Than A Traditional Window AC?

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Are you a proud owner of a single-family home in Tampa? Forget window or split ACs. What you need for the maximum comfort is a central air conditioning system. Unlike window units, these systems are designed to circulate fresh air throughout the house via return air-ducts. When the air passes through them, these ACs filter it, thus removing airborne particles such as dust, pollen, allergens, and more. With a central cooling system, you can enjoy the constant supply of clean and cool air. However, that’s not the only benefit. There are more reasons why you should upgrade to a central air conditioning system.

Easy Control

Cooling the entire house with a single system may sound overwhelming at first. But a hassle-free control system makes it possible. It allows you to get the cool air exactly where and when you need it. You may opt for individual controls in each room or a centralized regulator for the entire house. Most people choose individual control as it helps to save energy.

No Messing Up With the Curb Appeal

Window AC or outside units of split systems affect the look and feel of the exterior of any home. However, in case of a central air conditioning, you can place the main body in a location where it will not be visible, and as a result, it will not hamper your home’s curb appeal.

Noise-Free Delivery

Since the unit sits outside your home, you hardly notice any noise coming out of it. As a result, they are far quieter than window AC systems.

Heating and Cooling Rolled Into One System

With a single central air conditioning system at your home, you get cool air throughout the summer months and warm air during the winter. Although winter is only mild in Tampa, people accustomed to the tropical climate find the comfortably heated indoor air extremely pleasant when the weather becomes cold.

You have ample reasons to replace your traditional window ACs with a central air system. If you need assistance with the installation or other upgrade works, contact us here.