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Common AC Repair Problems You Must Know About


ACs are a mainstay in most US households, and like any other electronic appliances, they tend to experience occasional operational problems. However, the majority of these problems are connected to either a faulty installation or the absence of regular maintenance. While some of these issues cause minor inconvenience to consumers, others require more thorough repairs. Some of the most common AC problems are listed below:

Blown AC Fuse

If the air filter in your AC system gathers a lot of dust and dirt, it becomes clogged. While replacing the fuse is a common fix for the problem, a blown fuse is often an indicator of something bigger going on in the AC’s condensing system. Do not try to repair the problem by yourself; call a skilled technician instead to understand what is wrong with your machine.

Failure of Electrical Controls

In oversized systems like ACs, turning the appliance on and off regularly can wear out the fan controls as well as the compressor. The AC unit must also contend with the problem of corroded terminals and wires. Call a professional AC servicing professional to check your electrical connections.

Issues with AC Drainage

Residents of humid cities like Tampa and Clearwater must inspect the condensate drain present on the outside of the system to make sure drainage occurs properly, and nothing is clogged. Conducting this check becomes even more important in humid weather.

Reduced Quantities of Refrigerant in the System

When the quantity of refrigerant in your system is low, your AC might spring a leak. The problem might have been caused due to faulty installation as well. Locating and fixing this issue is a job for AC repair professionals. The substance used as a refrigerant in ACs can harm not only the environment but also your health, so ensure that you address the issue at the earliest.

AC problems may crop up when you least expect them, but you should not panic and try to fix the issue by yourself. One wrong move and you could damage your system permanently or injure yourself. So, it is best to leave the job to the professionals. If you require reliable AC repair services, contact us here.