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Common Misconceptions about Air Conditioning Services

Since it was first invented, there have been plenty of misconceptions and old wives’ tales about air conditioning services. Here in Oldsmar, it seems as if everyone has different beliefs about what is best when it comes to keeping our homes cool and our bills low. However, some of the most common misconceptions might be costing you a lot more money and comfort than you realize.

Some AC misunderstandings are so common, they’re accepted as fact! Here are the three common air conditioning services misconceptions we hear from clients in Oldsmar:

  1. Turn the temperature down lower than usual to cool the room quicker. This will actually end up costing you a lot of money, since it just causes the AC unit to run longer than necessary. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is set on, it will take the unit the same amount of time to cool to down 75 degrees when you set it to 75, as it will if you set it to 65.
  2. Close the vents for more cold air. Some people believe that keeping the central air system’s vents closed will cause all of the cold air to build up, so when you get home and open them, you will enjoy a blast of cool air. Any air conditioning services company will tell you this can be dangerous to your appliance, since the cold air has nowhere to go, it can end up freezing the motor and internal housing. This will cause the unit to break down, which results in warm air and repair costs for your Oldsmar home.
  3. When you leave, you must turn the air conditioner off to save money. This is less of a misconception, and more of an outdated concept, since turning your AC off while you’re gone will save you money. However, it will also cause you discomfort since you have to come home to a hot house. Instead, ask your air conditioning services company to install a programmable thermostat; this will allow you to set specific times for it to turn off and on during the day. If you return home from work at 6 pm, you can set the thermostat to go off during the day, and then start cooling 30 minutes before you return home. This way, you aren’t wasting money cooling an empty house, and you get to come home to a comfortable temperature.

For the most dependable air conditioning services in Oldsmar, call Millian-Aire today! One of our trained technicians would be happy to inspect your AC unit to make sure it is cooling your home as efficiently as possible. For more information, call us today at 888-628-0691.