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Cooling Tips from Your New Port Richey AC Company

When living in a place as hot as New Port Richey, it is important you have an AC company to rely on 24/7 in the event you need an emergency repair or installment. As dedicated and loyal professionals, at Millian-Aire, we want to make sure the residents of New Port Richey are taking all preventative measures possible to stay cool this summer. Below are some tips for doing so:

Have your system regularly maintained

The first step you should be taking to make sure your home is a cool haven from the brutal Florida heat is to have your system regularly maintained to efficiency. Otherwise, you’re likely wasting both energy and money. When it is regularly checked and tuned by your number one AC company, we check for any ailments, however minor, and take care of them before they have a chance to become a major issue.

Update your thermostat

Having a programmable thermostat can help you save energy and money without compromising comfort. You can set it to turn off, or down, when you are gone from the house while at work all day, or even while you sleep. You can also set it to automatically turn back on before you get home, so it will be cool by the time you walk through the door.

Get the right size AC unit for your space

When it comes to air conditioners, larger is not always better. Having a unit that is too large for your home or office space can hurt you. It will use unnecessary amounts of energy, and you will end up paying more money. It can also make the temperatures uncomfortable. Obviously, if it is not big enough it will have to work harder to cool your home and is more likely to run into breakdown and failures, meaning you will need to call an AC company in New Port Richey for repairs more than you would otherwise need to.

Check EER and SEER ratings

The Energy Efficiency Rating and Season Energy Efficiency Rating can play a major role in your unit. The national standard is a minimum rating of 13, whereas years ago it was closer to 9. If you think your system hasn’t been updating since the ‘70s, it is time for an upgrade. These are especially important factors you should be looking at if you are looking to install a new air conditioning system.

Check for leaks

An obvious indicator of a leak is pooling water around the system. But your ducts and vents should also be checked. The filters should be replaced on a monthly basis. As your AC company, we offer services that will make these minor but necessary tune-ups a breeze.

Make use of shades and fans

Your air conditioning unit should be enough to cool your home during the brutal summer months in New Port Richey, but for the sake of saving money, energy and getting additional help, it is wise to invest in quality screens for windows that receive direct sunlight. Ceiling fans can also help with airflow and circulation.

For more information, or to schedule a maintenance check with one of our technicians, give us a call today at 888-628-0691.