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Part of the Millian Aire success story — and its strong reputation for customer service — is the firm’s ability to not only handle routine HVAC work with efficiency and skill, but to be adaptive, creative, and flexible in handling unusual projects.

From the firm’s beginnings in 1989, Millian Aire has prided itself on innovative solutions to customers’ needs. This approach originated with co-founder Mike Millian and his son Howard (now the co-owner with his wife Susan), who both were originally hands-on technicians who knew how to get jobs done.

Helicopter Installations

Today, that results-oriented approach can be seen in the successful execution of projects like the one in 2019 at The Mall of Georgia in Buford, GA. Along with a crane, which the team uses in such installations, the Millian Aire project team also hired a helicopter to install a number of the massive HVAC units. In addition, extra Millian Aire personnel were brought in from the company’s offices in surrounding states to ensure the project was handled safely and efficiently.

“The most challenging part of a helicopter lift is the precision with which you must move the HVAC unit for the install — it requires a lot of experienced technicians to manage the big equipment,” says Alan Wilson, Millian Aire’s Vice President of Technology and Training. “Since the HVAC unit is attached to the helicopter as it hovers, each movement of the unit by the technicians on the roof also moves the helicopter — like a kite on a string. The extra technicians are manually positioning the unit. It requires a team effort with lots of communication.”

Because of the cost and extra personnel required for a helicopter install, such a procedure is normally only used for extremely large projects, like those in which 18-24 units are being installed or replaced, explains Wilson. The installations themselves are typically quick, he adds, but the process beforehand can be time-consuming because of the necessary safety preparations.

Bring On The Crane

Along with the occasional use of a helicopter to deliver an HVAC unit to a roof, cranes are often used for large installs, with as much as 250 tons of counterweight used on some jobs to maintain the needed weight balance on the crane. The focus is always on safety, quality, and professionalism to achieve the client’s goals.

“We do what is needed to get the job done effectively for customers, which can involve non-traditional methods like these,” Wilson adds. “We have the experience and creativity to identify and execute the best solution.”

Nighttime Installation

Another memorable project managed by Millian Aire was the intricate installation of a single 20-ton HVAC unit installed at Regal Greenway, a 24-screen multiplex movie theater in Houston, TX. Millian Aire VP of Commercial Services Jason Filoseta managed that project, which was challenging partly because it was done in a congested urban area, making it harder to access the site with the crane.

The crane needed to be positioned in front of a local restaurant — blocking the front door — so the project had to be handled at night, after the restaurant closed at 11:00 pm.

“This was the largest crane we’ve used on a project so far,” Filoseta explains. “It required twelve 18-wheelers just to bring in all the components for the crane to be assembled onsite.”

The crane weighed 275 tons and was used to lift the unit 225 feet in the air. The massive crane was assembled, used, then dissembled all in one day — all part of a satisfying day’s work when it comes to serving Millian Aire clients.

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