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Don’t Sweat It: 4 Tips To Proper AC Maintenance


In most households, people forget about their air conditioning units as soon as the installation is over. But in a place like Florida, where summers are merciless, you cannot afford to treat your AC unit as if it is just another piece of furniture.

If you take this all-important AC system for granted, it may take its revenge by coming to a grinding halt, perhaps in the middle of the hottest day of the year. So, give it what it needs – the proper maintenance.

On-time maintenance can help you avoid the following four issues and help you stay comfortable during the summer months:

Glitches With the Thermostat

To work at its maximum efficiency, your AC must sense the temperature in a room. Accordingly, it turns on and off automatically. If the thermostat is not working properly, the AC will have no clue about when to turn on or off. And running continuously for hours may damage the electrical system within it.

Damaged Electrical Circuits

If your AC is too big for the space it is meant to cool, it will turn on and off quite frequently. This will take a toll on its compressor and fan, causing severe damage to the wires and the terminals. Such wear and tear will prevent the unit from working at its optimum efficiency. Regular maintenance will help you avoid such glitches, and therefore, sudden crashes.

Leakage of Refrigerant

If the coolant is leaking or if the AC does not have the substance in sufficient amount, the unit will fail to cool the space adequately. You must replenish the refrigerant level annually. Regular maintenance will enable you to be informed on this matter.

Drainage Issues

As if extreme heat is not enough, Florida summers also bring severe humidity. In fact, Tampa experiences the worst humidity during the summer months. The city’s average humidity usually varies between 87 and 91 percent in July, August, and September. Extreme humidity is bad for your AC as it tends to condense the water vapor-filled air around the cooling areas of your unit. ACs are equipped with drainage systems that allow the excess water to drain out. Your AC will not be able to release this unwanted water if the drainage system somehow gets blocked. Regular maintenance will ensure that the drainage unit is placed on a level and is working effectively.

It would be wrong to assume that your AC unit does not need servicing just because it is running smoothly. Even a unit that is apparently fine needs the timely attention of trained technicians. Want your AC to give you smooth service throughout the summer months? Get in touch with us to prevent sudden (and costly) breakdowns; avoid stress and enjoy the summer.