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Duke Energy rebates for replacing old inefficient HVAC

Duke Energy rebate

If it is time to replace your old unreliable and energy-hogging HVAC, a rebate from Duke Energy may help offset some of the cost of installing a new energy efficient heat pump-based system.

Duke Energy is offering rebates between $200 and $800 for single-family home system upgrades.

Millian-Aire offers all of Trane’s high efficiency ENERGY STAR® Qualified heat pumps that qualify for the rebates – including the XR16, XR 17, XL16i, XL 18i, XV 18, and the XV20i. Each product is available in several capacities to cover most home needs. And in some cases switching to a 14 seer heat pump from a straight cool system can score a rebate too.

The rebates do have specific application requirements. Call today to see if a new high efficiency heat pump from Trane, installed by Millian-Aire, plus a rebate from Duke Energy, can make summer more comfortable – and affordable – for you.