BlogJuly 13, 2018Factors Affecting The Lifespan Of AC Air Filters

Homeowners often go to great lengths to keep their belongings safe and sound. Wish the same could be said for their appliances. Like all other electrical items, home appliances require the occasional check-up and repair work to perform efficiently. And considering how an AC is often the costliest appliance in a person’s home, it makes sense to pay extra attention towards its maintenance. Unfortunately, most homeowners neglect their cooling systems, and it isn’t until a problem occurs that they contact the AC service professional. Now, one of the major reasons why AC malfunctions happen in the first place is a dirty air filter. That is the reason why the components need to be occasionally replaced, and the frequency depends on multiple factors, from the presence of pets to the environment, AC usage to unit location. We discuss these factors in detail below:

1. System Usage

Depending on the frequency with which your system on and off, you will have to replace the filter of your AC.  For example, if you’ve never turned on your AC once after installation, there’s no reason to change your filter. But if you live someplace warm like Florida and need an AC to stay cool and comfortable in the sweltering hot summer, you should replace it frequently. Homeowners whose units run every day should also inspect their machines frequently to make sure no performance problems occur.

2. Number of Family Members

When a lot of people occupy a limited space, there’s bound to be tons of dirt, dust, and debris in the air. And most of these particles settle in the air filters. So, a person living alone will have to change his/her AC filter a lot less than the member of a large family.

3. Animal Companions

Cats and dogs make great additions to the family; there are no two ways about it. However, there is one big drawback to keeping pets in your home – pet dander and fur. And considering how furry creatures shed more during the summer, the hair accumulates in the filter and makes it necessary to replace the parts as early as possible.

If you wait until the last minute to call an AC professional, chances are you’ll end up paying more than you bargained for. If that’s not all, the life of your cooling system may be compromised considerably, and the unit might no longer operate normally. So, it is best if the air filters get replaced anywhere between a month and two months depending on your living conditions. Click here to call an experienced AC professional and get your filter changed now.

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