BlogHVAC TipsAugust 6, 2019Fall is around the corner – time to think about gas furnace safety

Modern residential gas-fired furnaces are so reliable and efficient. You may never give much thought to yours as long as the house is warm and comfortable. We would suggest a more proactive approach to ensure that yours is safe – regardless of the age of the system.

While rare, there are instances of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning every winter.

AHRI, the Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute, is a major industry product certification organization. In addition to certifying new product standards, they offer tips on gas furnace safety that may save your home – and your life.

    • Have your furnace inspected every year by a certified HVAC professional. Experienced technicians can look for issues that will affect the performance and safety of your furnace.
    • Install carbon monoxide detectors/alarms in your home. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that can cause flu-like symptoms, disorientation, confusion, and even death. Much like a smoke detector, these CO alarms can alert you to a dangerous situation, allowing time for your family to leave the premises.
    • Change your furnace filter regularly.
    • Keep the area around your furnace clean and unobstructed. There should be no combustible material near the furnace.

At Millian-Aire we have experienced technicians that can inspect and service your furnace and the entire HVAC system in your home. We also offer the added convenience of twice-yearly preventative maintenance inspections through our Millian-Aire Club. Call us today at 888-628-0691 and visit here to learn more.

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