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All Florida Homes Should Have a Heat Pump: Here’s Why


Among the US states, Florida experiences the mildest winters. The average 65 degrees Fahrenheit temperature isn’t enough to freeze you to death, but it’s still cold enough to warrant some heat and warmth. Summers, on the other hand, register high temperatures with the average being in the lower 90s. This sort of tropical climatic condition is precisely the reason why homeowners in Florida should consider getting a heat pump. This device offers an efficient way to heat and cool homes throughout the year. There are several other reasons why a heat pump is ideal for Floridians, which you’ll find below:

Multi-Purpose Use

A heat pump cools and heats your home with equal efficiency. It all depends on what you want the pump to do. For example, during winters, the system makes use of a refrigerant’s heat-exchange property to draw heat from outside the house and bring it inside. In summers, however, it’s entirely the opposite – the heat pump transfers heat from inside the home to the outside. This removal of indoor heat lowers the temperature.

Comfortable Environment

When you hear the word home, comfort is one of the first things that you associate with it. Unfortunately, Florida’s tropical climate is far from comfortable, especially during peak summer. A heat pump, however, can help by bringing down the temperature in your room to a comfortable level and then maintaining it.

Energy-Efficient Device

If you’re wondering why you should use a heat pump rather than a traditional boiler or furnace, it’s because these devices, while useful, never cross the 100 percent efficiency mark. But an air-source heat pump is capable of outputting three times as much heat energy as it consumes in electricity. In fact, a heat pump is more efficient when it comes to cooling your house than most high-end ACs.

A heat pump is a valuable addition to any home in Florida. All you need to do is ensure the device is of a proper size and is installed by a professional. Our expert technicians can help. We bring on board more than 75 years of combined experience. To know more about our services, get in touch with us.