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Furnace Installation and Replacement in Clearwater, Dunedin, Hudson, Lutz, New Port Richey, Palm Harbor, Spring Hill, Tampa, and Tarpon Springs FL

At Millian-Aire Enterprise Corp. we specialize in furnace installation and replacement in New Port Richey and Tampa Bay areas because they are still one of the most effective ways to heat your home during the cold winter months. This standard mode of whole house heating is still one of the most common and popular home heating system choices. Each year these units become more and more efficient, allowing Tampa homeowners to keep their homes affordably warm. Unlike heat pumps which switch to higher drain, resistance heat coils when the outside temperature drops below 40° F, these units are consistent no matter what the weather conditions. Furnaces are also highly effective at warming the entire home, providing even and comfortable heating power. Older units aren’t nearly as energy conscious as newer models and should be upgraded.

Reasons to call Millian-Aire for an in home assessment:

• Electric bill keeps going up, but you aren’t increasing your usage

• Your home is unevenly heated

• Your heat runs almost constantly, or kicks on and off frequently

• Strange sounds or bad odors coming from your central heater

Why Schedule Professional Furnace Installation in Tampa with Millian–Aire?

Even when dealing with a top of the line unit from a trusted manufacturer such as Trane, a heater’s performance depends largely on the quality of the installation it receives. Millian–Aire has been offering professional furnace installation and replacement throughout New Port Richey and the Tampa Bay area since 1987. There is no better way to ensure that your system is ready to keep you comfortable and warm during the chilliest nights of the year than with our help.

Before the installation of your home’s first or replacement furnace it’s vital to ensure that the chosen model is appropriately sized for the building in which it is being installed. An improperly sized unit is an inefficient unit. If it’s too small it will run too long, attempting to reach target temperatures that are simply beyond its reach. If your model is too large it will frequently short cycle. This not only reduces efficiency, resulting in higher energy costs, but puts your furnace at increased risk for damage.

Contact Millian–Aire for exceptional furnace installation in Tampa Bay or New Port Richey areas. We’ll make sure that you get the right unit for your home, no matter the size or fuel source. Call today for more information.

When to Schedule Furnace Replacement

No one living in the New Port Richey or Tampa Bay area such as Clearwater and St. Petersburg really wants to spend their money on the installation of a replacement furnace. Sometimes though, it’s really just the best – or only – option available. Millian–Aire is happy to help you with this difficult decision by doing an in-home assessment of your current system (or lack thereof).

There are a lot of factors that must be considered before a decision is made. The age of your furnace is of major importance. Just because a unit can be repaired, after all, does not mean it’s worth repairing. Older models simply are not capable of working as efficiently as newer ones. If your system is getting on in years it may be costing you a lot more to operate – even if it’s working at full functionality. Units 10 years older or more can be up to 30% less efficient than today’s systems!

Frequent breakdowns and maintenance needs may also make a furnace replacement your best option. Yes, there is the initial investment, but that cost will be offset over time with your energy savings.

Your family’s comfort is too important to take chances with. Get the safe, efficient, and reliable heating you deserve with a furnace installation or replacement by Millian–Aire. Your comfort is our top priority, so call today.

Call us today to discuss your furnace replacement or installation in New Port Richey or surrounding Tampa Bay area (888) 628-0691. Others beware, it’s Millian–Aire: Setting the standard for superior service.