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Furnace Installation: A Short Guide

Want to make better, more informed choices when it’s time to install a new furnace.…?

Most homeowners know that high efficiency furnaces use less energy than the old-fashioned ones. Furnace installation has improved its technology, which has lead to better construction and tighter sealing on domestic furnaces.

Keep in mind that the more efficient the furnace is, the less you will pay for your energy bills. Modern furnace installation has to display an AFUE rating so that as a consumer you can make an informed choice.

What is “AFUE” ?

“AFUE” stands for “annual fuel utilization efficiency.” AFUE is represented by a percentage. Thus, the higher the AFUE number, the more effectively the furnace delivers heat to your home.

Because the exhaust and because they were not well sealed, furnaces manufactured over 20 years ago were not very efficient. They were vented through a chimney which lead to a waste of a great deal of heat along with the waste gases that were exhausted to the outside. Today’s high-efficiency furnaces are more efficient because they don’t need a chimney and are exhausted through a small pipe.

Rating a home furnace may also include an Energy Star Label.

What is an Energy Star Label ?

Energy Star Label is a government-developed program. It ranks all kinds of home appliances by their ability to deliver results with minimal energy consumption and waste.

Energy Star Label, unlike AFUE is not represented by a percentage. Energy Star represents a particular number of stars. The number of stars are somewhere between one and six, depending on the product.

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